Real Time Cabinets

RTC Real-Time Cabinets

The RTC-16 Real Time X-ray Systems are designed and produced in Marietta Georgia under ISO 9001 Quality Standard. At the center of this system is a unique cabinet that meets all CFR 1020.4 radiation safety requirements and houses the joystick controlled manipulation system.

It ships complete with an X-ray generator, Detector, and Imaging software. Our paint shop produces a modern, attractive, inspection cabinet that can be easily installed and forklift movable for adaptability in the future. Our typical solution allows the source and detector to move in the vertical plane while allowing the part to rest on a floor-mounted manipulator with a rotary table.  Five axes of motion give the operator infinite adjustability to position the part. These cabinets are configured with an X-Ray source up to 450kV and a real-time imaging panel.

  • Standard product design for fast delivery
  • CDRH radiation interlock switch
  • “X-Ray On” light
  • Adjustable leveling pads
  • Five axis part manipulator
  • Marietta NDT motion control software\
  • 5-Axis manipulation for parts up to 25lbs
  • Determine material types and thickness to be X-rayed: Steel, plastics, alloys, rubber and more
  • One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 225kV Sheilded
  • Additional resources available for first time X-ray installations
  • Radiation safety plan assistance


  • Microfocus X-Ray Generators
  • Comet 225 kV Generator
  • Additional Detectors
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Standard Features Requirements

  • Comet 160 kV Generator with MXR-01 Tube
  • Detector: Varian 2520 Dx
  • 5 Axis Part Manipulator
  • X-Axis with +/- 8 inches of motion
  • Y-Axis with +/- 8 inches of motion
  • Z-Axis with 16 inches of motion
  • Rx-Axis with +/- 30 degrees of tilt
  • Rz-Axis with 360 degrees of rotation
  • Color: White

Internal Cabinet Size
44” Deep x 52“ Wide x 46” High
Manipulation Capability
X=16”, Y=16”, Z=16”
External Dimensions
4’ Height x 5’ Width x 6’ Depth
Estimated Overall Weight
6,100 lbs



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