Modular Vaults

Modular Vaults

The PVS-Series X-Ray Vaults are used to inspect large parts and are constructed with modular panels that can easily be assembled on site. If the need should arise, modular vaults can be reconfigured or relocated within a facility or across the country

They can be designed to be used with film, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography or Real Time Imaging. Marietta NDT designs, manufactures, installs and services modular vaults of any size.

Our large PVS-Series X-Ray Vaults are designed to withstand the tough environment of heavy duty industrial inspection. Our unique design allows our vaults to be disassembled by your in place staff without modifications of shielding requirements. All Marietta NDT x-ray vaults meet 21 CFR 1020.4 radiation safety requirements and other federal and state mandated requirements.

  • Manufactured to your specific needs
  • Vaults meet 21 CFR 1020.4 requirements
  • Includes electrical and lighting systems
  • Seismic engineered systems are available
  • Free-standing part manipulators
  • Overhead tube stands
  • Optional motorized doors
  • Customized door configuration
  • Fire Suppression and sprinkler system available upon request
  • Air conditioning and insulation also available upon request
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  • Marietta NDT one-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Optional motorized part-loading door with safety stop
  • Optional overhead tube gantry
  • Optional hinged operator access door
  • Can┬ábe designed to meet regional seismic requirements

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