LS-50 – Production and Lab UT Scanner

Marietta NDT manufactured LS-50 UT Scanners are designed and produced in Marietta, Georgia under ISO 9001 Quality standards. The product designer proudly states that this system is robust with a very heavy duty steel frame to help provide the stability to produce the best inspection results. The Mic 6 tooling plate top surface will provide a stable foundation for repeatability and accuracy of your UT Inspection system for the long-term.

It’s more than just a lab scanner.

Well suited for production or lab environments – part types for inspection could include: drive shafts, gears, rectangular plates, complex shapes, and composites to name a few.
Application and Usage Ideas to Consider

  • Move from hand scrubbing to an automated, repeatable inspection
  • Consider the instrument, probes and software for the inspection
  • Decide how to develop a fixture to hold the inspection items
  • Work with your sales team on complex part shapes
  • Fork left movable
  • One Year Warranty on parts and labor


  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • UV light – Cuts down on algae and water changes
  • Uni-directional Rotary Turn table – 50lbs Capacity
  • Motorized Gimbal/Motorized Swivel
  • Heavier parts are possible
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Internal Tank Size
26” Wide x 26“ Long x 19” Deep
Turntable – Unidirectional (Optional)
13” Diameter – Raised from tank bottom by 5 inches when installed
Machine Travel
16“ X, 16” Y, 16“ Z
External Dimensions
Height 76” x Width 31 1/2” x Depth 37 1/2”
Estimated Overall Weight
600 lbs
Manual Swivel = +/- 180°
Manual Gimbal = +/- 90°

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Design
  • Pallet Jack Movable
  • Heavy Acrylic Tank allows for easy viewing and durability
  • Mic 6 Tooling plate surface top – casted and machined for a Flat Surface
  • Leveling feet and weight mean it will not need to be anchored
  • Manual Swivel/Lock
  • Tablet Computer provided to operate X, Y, & Z-Axis manipulation
  • Ethernet and Serial post connections to the system for communications
  • Pump and Filter integrated to clean particulates
  • Garden Hose connector provided to easily drain the water
  • All parts in or touching the water are Stainless Steel or Bronze for durability
  • Flexible to integrate a wide variety of UT instruments and software
  • Color: Ruby Red
  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC

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