BRP-500 Inspection Immersion Tank

Bar, Rod, & Plate Inspection Ultrasonic Immersion Tank - Marietta NDT designs and manufactures a standard series of immersion tanks from small to large applications. Our midrange BRP-500 series systems are designed to meet the inspection requirements for test parts up to 24” in diameter and 500 lbs. with up to six fully programmable coordinated axes of motion. Heavy duty stainless steel water tanks are standard. Frames are constructed from heavy-duty steel weldments with integrated linear slide assembly mounts. The built-in horizontal rotary axis provides part rotation. Optional rotary tables may be provided as a drop-in or permanently mounted into tanks for rotation about the vertical axis.

  •  UTEX InspectionWare platform allows highly flexible configuration and integration
  • All motors and encoders are fully compatible with Marietta NDT MultiScan motion control
    software (with full contour following capability upgrade)
  • Economical belt-drive x-axis manipulator
  • High speed/high resolution scanning modes
  • User selectable scan and index axes
  • Integral support braces allow system to be easily converted to bar and plate inspection
    without removal of the horizontal rotary system
  • Built in water pump and filtration system minimizes cleaning and water changes
  • Cable carriers with separators to minimize RF noise and ensure high signal to noise ratios
  • Available contact bar follower option


  • Optional acrylic windows for part viewing and easy setup
  • Swivel/Gimbal or Gimbal/Gimbal options available
  • Can be customized to a wide range of customer preferences on request
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  • Full contour scanning of complex cored and solid laminate components
  • Meets stringent uniformity requirements on complex shapes
  • Very large scan envelopes
  • Flexible fixturing options
  • Dual frequency capability for a faster, more complete part analysis

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