Service Contract

With the ZeroSnafu service platform, our customers receive periodic visits for evaluation of the system.
During these visits it is customary for services to be performed such as greasing of mechanical items, cleaning/changing filters, checking water condition (level, cleanliness) and checking overall functionality.

With a Marietta NDT Service Contract, the customer will receive priority response. We strive to provide a 48 hour onsite response time.
Under a service contract, the customer receives a discounted hourly rate on all services.


Our report is designed to document every aspect of your system. We evaluate each area of the equipment looking for anything irregular that may need attention. Our goal is to provide the customer with information to attempt to reduce downtime and lost revenue.

Spare Parts

Each system manufactured by Marietta NDT will be supplied with a list of recommended spare parts. We recommend these parts be purchased and is generally an option on the initial purchase of the equipment. The purchase of the spare parts list is a critical component to the ZeroSnafu Program.
Having these recommended critical spare parts is the safety net of our program. If you experience a problem where a component has failed, having one on the shelf will cut down on down time from service. Many of the items on the Spare Parts List are components that have a long lead time. Lead times are as short as 2 weeks and as long as 10 weeks.

Technique Development

We can help map out any complex shape in our InMotion Software. Click here to tell us more about your part.





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