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Our goal is to provide the customer with the information and tools to properly manage and care for their equipment. Providing a system to help reduce downtown and loss of revenue due to a failure of equipment.


Key Elements of the ZeroSNAFU Program


  • Initial system evaluation to establish current status and identify potential problems and provide a detailed report.
  • Periodic reevaluation of the system to look for changes and trends that lead to component failures.
  • On-site spare parts. Having access to long lead items significantly reduces downtime in the event of a failure.
  • Periodic evaluations may lend to recommendations or upgrades. These upgrades may be critical to extending the viable life span of the system


Marietta NDT is focused on providing top quality physical and diagnostic field service for your NDT systems to help them continually perform to designed inspection tolerences. We will consistently evaluate the components that decline in performance and affect the efficiency of the entire system.

We will assist with critical parts lists and adjust inspection frequencies based on our customer’s business flow. We will provide a written and oral review of our findings and concerns to help our customers budget for necessary upgrades and repairs as the years of operation go by.

Marietta NDT inspection systems have such a solid base structure, that it is normal for it to long out live the components. Our systems come with one year of manufacturer’s warranty. Customer’s who place these systems on Service Contracts from original delivery have options to purchase extended warranties for the second and third year.



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