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Marietta NDT’s software team develops customized software that integrates with our Ultrasonic, X-ray, Computed Tomography, and Eddy Current systems. We provide all systems with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and operator friendly, simplified software solutions.

Marietta NDT also provides specialized packages that allow for Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR/ADF) inspection solutions.

Marietta NDT Ultrasonic Software


Marietta NDT integrates with leading UT software analysis packages including Olympus TomoView and other Industry leaders.

The OlympusTomoView software is written to interface with the OmniScan and the Focus LT instruments. TomoView may be used as a stand- alone product or integrated into the Marietta NDT ScanView software.

Marietta NDT X-ray Software

MNDT_XPlus_Xray_Imaging_Software.jpgMarietta NDT integrates with leading x- ray software partners to provide a unified platform for inspection analysis.

The VisuConsult XPlus software interfaces with digital flat panels, image intensifiers, computed radiography scanners, film scanners, and LDA arrays. VisuConsult offers different modules that provide the ability to archive high resolution, real- time video as well as automatically controlling the machine for teach and learn part positioning and image archiving.

Marietta NDT Computed Tomography Software

Marietta NDT’s in-house software team develops interface software to precisely position and capture CT data. By working with leading developers of CT reconstruction software like Volume Graphics and TeraRecon, we can provide imaging solutions for small and extremely large parts.

Marietta NDT Eddy Current Software

Marietta NDT partners with Rohmann LP for our Eddy Current solutions. We integrate Rohmann’s hardware with our in-house motion control software.